This website is made to guide you on how to use the best combos in DOTA 2 the right way.

Well first of all , It’s better to play with friends with some of the combos we have on our website (and channel) , but if you’re playing solo you can just ask the others in your team to pick the combo you want.

and remember always to:

1- Train with the combos first (nothing comes without hard work )on a normal match game or in ranked.

2- You have to choose the best combo for you and your teammates example: “like if you’re good with invoker you can go (invoker+void) and ask the other teammates to help with the picks (witch doctor/luna/lich/ench….etc)and banning the counters for this combo (silencer / tide ..etc)”.

3- Remember if you lost the first game in a combo doesn’t mean you played bad , it’s just sometimes in life you lose,just remember never to give up even if they have full mega or your team is bad there’s always a chance.

I hope this helps you i can write a whole book on how to win , but in my opinion these are the main things you need to focus on, and remember that combos gives great advantage. good luck