Chaos knight with Io (wisp) combo tips

  • Chaos knight stun chaos_bolt and reality-rift with Io tether io-tether and io-spirits gives gives super easy kills on lane early game.
  • with any other stunner support with them on the lane they can get a kill every 1 minute, and ck will get free farm obviously.
  • The beauty of this combo is that ck can have a free farm at the lane or at the jungle then gank or join a fight with io ultimate io-relocate to get some kills and win a fight then instantly go back to his farming, which reduce his on the way time to 0 and give him way too more room to farm.
  • Many aggressive wards observer-ward on the enemies jungle can be very useful here since they can relocate to the jungling enemy kill him and go back, swift and easy.


Ck and Io combo video

Ck and io items build


early gamemid gamelate game
CKpower-treads armletsanga-and-yasha manta-stylelack-king-bar skadi
IObottle arcane-bootsmekansm guardian-greavesHeart-of-Tarrasque


Ck and io ability build






as for the talents here are some statistics taken from dotabuff :


Io – Io talent tree dotabuff


Ck – ck talent tree dotabuff


*NOTE : all the items and abilities build are the best for the sake of the combo not in general games, so they might be very bad in a normal game when you are playing without the combo.

for more information about all situational items take a look at dota 2 gamepedia, they have good descriptive core and situational items for Io and chaos knight, but remember ” they are not for the sake of the combo


Combo pros and cons

Pros: huge killing potential and huge damage from ck, can win hard lane, good in team fights even early-mid game

Cons: the whole point of the combo is IO abilities which can be killed easily with good magical or physical damage.


Combo best teammate

Stunner support we be very good at the lane specially if going aggressive trilane ( wd, cm, ogre …etc)

global spells will be very good to help them with the global ganks using Io io-relocate ( natures’ prophet, zues, invoker, …etc)


Combo best counters

Ck can be shut down using anti illusion heros and Io can be shut down using huge magical damage so something like lion will be very great against them, and of course guys like medusa, earth shaker, axe …etc can do very great against Ck.


Combo best against

Junglers and solo farmers broadly, since they can be an easy target for the relocate io-relocate ( spectre, blood seeker, …etc) you must have vision on other enemies too in oreder to not get baited.

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