Dark seer and pudge early game mass damage per second

  • Dark seer ion shell ion-shell + pudge rot rot = 60 dps ( level 1 ) with 30% slow
  • on level 2 with dark seer surge surge and pudge meat hook meat-hook the combo become lethal and gets easy kills whoever the enemy is.
  • obviously dark seer will put his ion shell on pudge and surge him to go get the enemy with his rot, and if the enemy has a blink or something like that you have a hook to get him back which will be easy with the surge
  • best role is with both as roaming supports to roam and win all the lanes, of course you can go dark seer offlane and pudge roam or something like that but i prefer the both roaming strategy.

Dark seer and pudge combo video



dark seer, pudge item build


early gamemid gamelate game
Dark seerobserver ward soul ringarcane bootsveil of discort blink daggerpipe of insight shivas guard guardian-greaves
Pudgearcane boots blink daggeraether lens aghanims scepterboots of travel Heart of Tarrasque


dark seer. pudge ability build


vacuumion shellsurgewall-of-replica




as for the talents here are some statistics taken from dotabuff :


dark seer – dark seer talent tree dotabuff

pudge –      pudge talent tree dotabuff


*NOTE : all the items and abilities build are the best for the sake of the combo not in general games, so they might be very bad in a normal game when you are playing without the combo.

for more information about all situational items take a look at dota 2 gamepedia, they have good descriptive core and situational items for dark seer and pudge, but remember ” they are not for the sake of the combo

combo pros and cons


pros: very powerfull early game and win all the lanes if played right, huge magical damage and good tankyness.

cons: not good lane supports so they will need a good solo carry to farm alone, become useless when silenced or against magic immunity.


combo best teammates


since they play both roaming support, they will need a carry who can farm early and not die in the lane alone like( phantom assassin, sven, juggernut, …etc) and some vision will be very good here from heroes like( beast master, night stalker and all the bonus vision heroes)


combo best counters


heroes with long disable early game will be good like bane.

omni knight will be very good to save his teammates.

items like bkb black-king-bar pipe pipe-of-insight will be very annoying.


combo best against


good pudge player will catch blink heroes like ( qop, mirana, void, anti mage), and makes there blink useless .


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