Lina bane combo safelane lina carry with bane support

The point of lina bane combo is to sleep the enemy and position yourself in the best way to be able to stun and keep attacking

  • Best scenario for this combo is with lina as safe lane carry
  • Easy level 1 kill and several kills early on safe lane
  • Bane sleep then lina stun then auto attack = easy kill
  • Don’t forget you have drow ranger damage aura which makes the kills super easy
  • On level 6 you can kill any hero easy with 2 of the best ultimate in the game

Lina and drow ranger combo

  • The whole point of drow ranger is to make use of her damage aura as a combo with lina attack speed
  • Drow ranger will go mid of course, even if she lost mid its ok you have op lina anyway

Lina bane combo wombo video

Lina, Bane, Drow ranger items build


early gamemid gamelate game
Linaphase boots soul ringblood stone aether lens blink daggeroctarine core boots of travel Aghanims Scepter
Banearcane boots observer-wardblink dagger aether lensAghanims Scepter boots of travel
drowsame as any other game.


Lina, Bane, Drow ranger ability build


dragon salvelight strike arrayfiery soullaguna blade



Enfeeblebrain Sapnightmarefiends grip



And drow should max her “Precision Aura precision-aura ” no matter what other abilities she learn depending on the enemy heroes


As for the talents here are some statistics taken from dotabuff :


Lina –      lina talent tree dotabuff

Bane –   bane talent tree dotabuff

Drow –   drow ranger talent tree dotabuff


*NOTE : all the items and abilities build are the best for the sake of the combo not in general games, so they might be very bad in a normal game when you are playing without the combo.

For more information about all situational items take a look at dota 2 gamepedia, they have good descriptive core and situational items for lina, bane and drow ranger but remember ” they are not for the sake of the combo


Pros and cons

Pros: pretty good magical damage and physical damage with attack speed, and more than enough disables

Cons: pretty squishy, die very fast

Combo best teammates

very important to take a tank with this combo since its too squishy

Something like AXE, TIDE HUNTER, CENTUR, CLOCK…..etc

Combo best counters

Anti-mage: magic resistance + mana burn + scepter’s effect
Doom: ulti counters lina very hard
Spectre: low health bane and lina ezy kills with damage reflex
Chaos knight: illusions + high damage
Pugna: nether ward deals damage equal to the damage multiplier times the mana spent
Silencer: useless bane, lina no spells, if she has no attack speed already she will be useless too


Combo Best against:

Timbersaw: even thought he is tanky against physical damage, but he can do anything with magical damage + alot of disables can counter him

Ursa: useless hero against many disables + even if he gets bkb late, bane ulti goes throw bkb and lina scepter also

Phoenix: lina attack speed makes his ulti useless

Omniknight: he can e annoying if he is protecting his core, but alone he can do nothing

Winter wyvern: useless against magical damage


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