Magnus and kunkka early game offlane combo

Best lane for these guys will be offlane, you can go safe lane or mid but it won’t be very effective for late game since you wont have another carry farming the safe lane.

  • kunkka x mark the spot kunkka-x-mark-the-spot + magnus skewer magnus-skewer are one of the best combos to get the enemy under your tower early game which result to an easy kills
  • it will be an amazing offlane for your team, you will get a lot of kills and the enemies carry won’t farm
  • although it is not easy at all but when it is done perfectly (which require some practice) it will give you huge advantage from the early game
  • x mark position and timing = a little bit away from the tower while the creeps are fighting out of the tower range so after the scewer gets the enemy under the tower he will get a couple of attacks from it and drops dead
  • very important tip : keep blocking the creep wave way every time so the enemies creeps push and you can then land the combo better under your tower

magnus and kunkka late game

  • it is an amazing combo late game also, magnus RP magnus-reverse-polarity with kunkka ghost ship kunkka-ghostship and torrent kunkka-torrent works very awesome together
  • but again, it’s all about timing and positioning here also, if you are playing kunkka support/nuker ( which i recommend) you can get scepter Aghanims-Scepter late game which will make your ulti a lot easier

*kunkka scepter makes his ulti drag all enemy heroes with it on its way till it lands


magnus and kunkka combo video


magnus, kunkka item build


early gamemid gamelate game
Magnuspower treads blink daggerecho sabre battle furydaedalus black king bar
Kunkkaarcane boots observer wardblink dagger shadow bladeaghanims scepter or damage silver edge daedalus


magnus, kunkka ability build


shockwaveempowerskewerreverse polarity


torrenttidebringerx mark the spotghostship



as for the talents here are some statistics taken from dotabuff :


magnus – magnus talent tree


kunkka –   kunkka talent tree

*NOTE : all the items and abilities build are the best for the sake of the combo not in general games, so they might be very bad in a normal game when you are playing without the combo.

for more information about all situational items take a look at dota 2 gamepedia, they have good descriptive core and situational items for magnus and kunkka, but remember ” they are not for the sake of the combo


combo pros and cons


pros : a lot of disables, magical and physical damage

cons : can be countered by magic immunity early, pretty hard to land the combo right late game


combo best teammates

heroes who can help you land your spells better like ( dark seer, enigma, …etc)

heroes with good aoe damage like ( jakiro, phantom assassin” amazing aoe with battle fury battle-fury and magnus empower magnus empower, sven, invoker, …. etc)


combo best counters


all magic immunity heroes like ( omni knight, life stealer, juggernut, …etc )

and of course items like black-king-bar   pipe-of-insight


combo best against


blink heroes since their blink will be useless against the x mark like ( qop, storm spirit, anti mage ( early game only, late game he will be good against them since he has magic resistance ), void, …. etc



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