Tiny and centaur warrunner easy lane

The whole point of tiny combo centaur warrunner is to use centaur stun after tiny toss

  • Bbests thing to go offlane in order to get some kills on the supports
  • Put the carry under pressure preventing him from farming and some kills on him will give huge advantage early-mid game
  • Easy kills with smoke ganks on the enemy mid or offlaner if needed
  • Toss  + hoof stomp centaur-warrunner-hoof-stomp + avalanche  + Double Edge centaur-warrunner-double-edge = 450 damage ( on level 1 )
  • Toss  + hoof stomp centaur-warrunner-hoof-stomp + avalanche  + Double Edge centaur-warrunner-double-edge=  1250 damage ( when maxed )
  • We are talking about a huge amount of magical damage which no one can live after taking it

 Dota 2 tiny combo with centaur warrunner video

Tiny, Centaur items build


early gamemid gamelate game
Tinyarcane boots blink daggerecho sabreAghanims Sceptermoon shard
Centtranquil boots blink daggerblade mail vanguardcrimson guard Heart of Tarrasque


Tiny, Centaur ability build




hoof stompdouble edgereturnstampede



As for the talents here are some statistics taken from dotabuff :

TINY –            



*NOTE : all the items and abilities build are the best for the sake of the combo not in general games, so they might be very bad in a normal game when you are playing without the combo.

For more information about all situational items take a look at dota 2 gamepedia, they have good descriptive core and situational items for tiny and centaur, but remember ” they are not for the sake of the combo

Tiny combo centaur warrunner pros and cons


Pros : more than enough magical damage and good durable heroes, and alot of disables with a great initiating abilities

Cons : they have to be aggressive and that could lead to their death and feeding if not played right


Combo best teammates

You will need a silence with this combo, some physical damage, and pushers

so the best teammate would be guys like silencer, sniper, luna, jakiro, rahsta, and stuff like that

 Combo best counters


Lifestealer : rage makes him too strong against such magical damage + lifesteal against low attack speed is op

Juggernaut : blade fury is so op against this combo, not just that it give him full magic immunity, but also it can get kills before centaur level 6 since the combo is slow already

Necrophs : the best against any tank, well he is not very good alone, but he can disable the combo by healing teammates and himself + ulti so he will be annoying

Ogre magi : tanky support with disable is the worst night mare for this combo

Omniknight : he can be killed easy if he is alone, but he will be annoying when healing and repelling teammates


Combo best against

Easy kills those who have low hp, no matter what their spells or their damage is

guys like slark, sniper, luna, aa and almost all untanky supports.


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