Chen guide – How to play chen

A very useful hero in the team lineup:

  •  a constant threat to the enemy’s back line damage dealers.
  • deal low amounts of burst damage while continually applying sustained damage at pointed targets.
  • should be extremely resilient in the absence of enemy stuns

chen control – setting – hotkeys

First of all, with Chen you need to change some options for better microing, just use unified unit order so you can select your creeps while pressing control and don’t forget to bind ever creep with a number you will remember,

  • like(cents+bears) on 1 for stunning or slowing, range creep(troll/satyr) on 2 for farming or pushing and wildkins/wolf/ogre on 3, and so on.
  • Try keeping them in the same place so you never forget how to get back to a creep.
  • And when you have more than one creep in the same category, you can just use “tab” to go to the next unit(change it in the option) to control the next creep, but when it comes to microing, whatever works for you.


dota 2 neutral creeps

learn which creeps are useful and for what purposes. Generally speaking, you can put them into 3 categories; ganking, farming and pushing. Sub-categories would be dividing them into early, mid and late-game.


ganking, farming and pushing creeps

Boosting creeps  Ancient Granite GolemAlpha Wolf , Ancient Prowler Shaman. they can boost your teams damage or health, or reduces enemies armor.

farming creeps satyrs, (harpys),,Alpha Wolf wildkins, bears and trolls. Satyrs are probably the best farming creeps, cause it doesn’t die as fast as the harpy, while wildkin is amazing for clearing stacks. Generally, you’d just wanna farm the harpy on chen anyways. It’s more of an “enchantress-creep”.

ganking-creeps  Ancient Prowler Shaman, bears, cents and Dark Troll Summoner. The bear is the strongest early-game ganking creep, and if you pick one up, first-blood is a possibility for you. You could also farm with it, since a 150 dmg nuke/slow, massive hp and chaos damage is pretty good. Cent/troll can also net(no pun intended) you an easy fb, and they remain relevant much later in the game.

pushing creeps * Ancient Black Dragon, ,Ancient Thunderhide, trolls, centaurs and wildkins are the best pushing creeps. Satyrs and bears do well for pushing as well, cause of their massive hp and nukes for creepwave, but the 3 creeps I mentioned at the start will help you out a lot in a tower-push cause of; skeletons, attack-speed aura+meatshield and armor-aura+meatshield respectively.

Early, mid and late-game


  • You really wanna hit level 5-6-7 asap, and the best way to do that is flash-farming with skeletons(troll-creep’s summon).
  • Satyrs and bears. Ideally, you wanna stack some camps and clear them with a bird. Sometimes the lanes wont allow you to rice the jungle, and in this case you should be sad cause, if you play a lot of Chen, you will learn to appreciate how much you can do if you are left unchecked in the jungle for the first 6 minutes.
  • If this is the case, once you have finished wiping your eyes, grab a bear/cent/troll and try to get first blood.
  • Worst case scenario you might have to completely sacrifice your own farm to put up a tornado for harassment(while stacking with your hero ofc).
  • Once you have helped out the lane in need of help, get ricing.

Mid-game – 10 minute+

  • By this point you should be level 7+.
  • You might even have arcane boots, or be close to your mekansm.
  • Some people skip arcane-boots on Chen. This is mostly seen in pro-games when the team wants to hit a specific timing, and the meka is really important for that timing.
  • I do not recommend skipping arcane-boots, but it really comes down to personal preference.
  • Your teammates should be dealing some form of damage at this point, so satyrs have become your least useful creep(unless the game is stale and you just need to farm up) – the regen-aura doesn’t do much, and the shock waves are starting to taper off.
  • Bears can still deal a crapload of damage, while slowing, so they’re still worth picking up.
  • Best creeps to get at this point tho, would be centaurs and trolls for their disables.

late-game – 30 minutes+

  • Chen hits, what I would call, his late-game phase, faster than most heroes.
  • If you have not made an impact by this time, even tho it’s not ideal – fear not. You might still make your mark on this game.
  • There’s a lot of good auras to pick up in the jungle, such as the wolf, situationally you could pick up a speed-creep(kobold taskmaster) – but be wary. Both of these creeps die FAST 30+ minutes into the game. Trolls and centaurs are still your go-to creeps, especially the troll, for his net that goes through magic-immunity.
  • Trolls are just straight up useful and amazing throughout all stages of the game there net interrupts channeling spells like enigma bh or wd ulti or stuff like that which can be very helpful.

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