How to increase dota 2 mmr – generals tips and tricks

Before learning about pushing or team fights, before talking about winning mid lane or any other lane, before guiding about supporting and vision, some general tips are more important first.


Coordinate with your team

Dota 2 is a team game, you can never win if you are playing solo, talk with your team, before the picking start and on the laning stage and on the whole game it’s always about communication to play with your team better and have much better teamwork which easily leads to a win

Don’t be a toxic

Flamers are the reason of 90% of the lost games, they prevent any teamwork, they just play to scream and fight with their teammates which is the worst thing a dota player will do, it’s usually about your personality but you can fix it by:

How to not be a toxic player

  • Remember that the goal is to win.
  • The fight is between you and the enemies team, not between you and your team mates.
  • Never play while you are angry or sad, or just play unranked game.

Picking stage

Picking is the most important factor for winning a game, good draft can win very easily against a bad draft even if the players are not very good, 60% of dota is about the picks, that’s why CM mode is really the best mode in dota and all the tournaments play CM not AP.

How to pick the best hero in dota 2

  • Pick a combo with your teammates ” dota is much easier when playing combos “, check our dota 2 combos guide.
  • Counter enemies picks, and make sure not to pick heroes the enemies counter them.
  • Have a plan before starting the game for some heroes you can pick and ban the counters for them.
  • Develop a good strategy that fits your picks, pushing strategy,win lanes strategy, team fighting strategy, … etc

How to deal with bad picks

You should deal with bad picks positively, remember; it is your mmr that’s going down if you lose, so don’t just flame him and feed just because some one got a bad pick or afk random or something

  • Rearrange the role of all the heroes.
  • Talk to him in a good way and ask him to go to the best role that suits him.
  • Never flame or be fanatic, just pick and play the role your team needs.
  • Remember that any bad reaction from you to the teammates can means less coordination which leads to lose the game.


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