How to play meepo – dota 2 meepo guide

Meepo is unarguably the hardest hero in dota 2, instead of controlling 1 hero you are controlling 4-5-6 heroes and if one dies they all die, so you need some different setting, hotkeys, and game play to play him right.

How to play meepo –  settings and hotkeys

First of all you need to adjust the hotkeys in the options menu before starting any game with Meepo, the adjustment will depend on your style of play but you need to put some basic things: meepo settings

  1. Put spells on quick cast for faster response and less delay.
  2. Put items on quick cast for faster response time.
  3. From “UNIT ACTION” you can control the main hero and all of the Meepos easily.
  4. Assign a hotkey for “Next Unit” to easily select the next Meepo.
  5. Assign hotkeys for groups so you can assign every Meepo by selecting a clone and pressing (Ctrl+number) then you can press the number to control the clone.

What is dota 2 quickcast

makes the spell works as soon as you click it, on the place that the mouse is hovering on, without the need to click on the mouse.


Meepo game play – tips and tricks

  • You can use “A” button (attack) to farm jungle faster, by pressing on every Meepo then pressing “A” and select a camp.
  • Meepo has a high advantage in earning gold and XP because every clone has the power to farm and get gold and XP for the main Meepo.
  • Every Meepo can get XP as a single hero, so it’s better to leave only 1 Meepo on lane and let the others farm jungle.


Meepo item build

  • Remember to get dragon lance dragon-lance first item to boost your agility and strength early game.
  • Then you can get blink blink-dagger and scepter Aghanims-Scepter for a better damage and ganks.
    – aghanims scepter Aghanims-Scepter gives him +1 clone
  • After that it depends on your enemy team, if you need disables you can get scyth of vyse scyte-of-vyse or damage ethereal blade ethereal-blade or slow skadi skadi or health points with heart Heart of Tarrasque.

Check gamepedia for full information about Meepos’ spells and items.


How to counter Meepo

Get some mass disable like Tidehunter ultimate, Earth shaker, Enigma…etc,  that can stop all clones from attacking or using poff and AOE spells work good against him especially Earthshaker ultimate, Sven cleave, or Dragon knight split….etc

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