Dota 2 pushing – split pushing – anti pushing, how to play them and how to counter them

The whole point of a dota game is to push and destroy enemies base, find out the best way to push which is the best way to win the game, don’t forget about dota 2 general tips when developing a pushing strategy.


Pushing and anti pushing heroes

Best pushers:

warlock troll slark shadow_shaman phantom_lancer pugna naga_siren meepo lone_druid luna lycan jakiro invoker furion enchantress dragon_knight death_prophet clinkz chaos_knight chen antimage beastmaster windrunner warlock ember_spirit tiny

Best counter pushers: 

undying treant tidehunter tinker techies skywrath_mage sniper shredder sand_king queen-of-pain clockwerk razor venomancer winter_wyvern underlord alchemist axe batrider bloodseeker centaur disruptor dark_seer elder_titan earthshaker earth_spirit enigma gyrocopter jakiro invoker kunkka lich keeper_of_the_light leshrac lion magnus medusa naga_siren phoenix pugna


Use hero search filter, it is really helpful, but you need to understand the hero also.


How to push properly – how to counter push

first of all there are two types of pushing, mass pushing and split pushing.

Mass pushing

It is getting a lot of pushers and keep pushing no matter where the other team is, it can go pushing throw fighting and it is usually very good in fights early stages of the game.

  • A lot pushers combination are needed.
  • very effective early game but very hard to win late game specially against late game carries.
  • need to go 5 together in order to push properly.
  • can go 4 pushers and 1 late game carry and give him room to farm early throw pushing, but can end up failing with pushes and failing late game also, so it will be a bit tricky strategy.
  • how to counter it: anti pushers can enjoy playing a game against this strategy lineup, easy to get kills and nearly impossible for pushers to push early, which gives advantage to the anti pushers after winning a fight mid/late game.
  • pros: very effective early/mid game and can get a very easy win if played right.
  • cons: can get noticed by the enemies after a couple of picks and they will pick anti pushers and win easily.

Split pushing

It is pushing the towers with 1 or maximum 2 heroes and the other teammates are fighting the enemies to distract them from defending.

  • can be done with 1 or 2 good split pusher heroes ( ember, beast master, nature’s prophet, … etc).
  • needs a lot of vision and good team fighting allied so they don’t lose the fight very hard as 4.
  • one very good move here is to try to cancel enemies TP to open the road for the split pusher without getting any interference.
  • according to the previous tip, it is very good to get high range disable ( kunkka, veng, …etc )  to prevent enemies from TP.
  • always try to cancel the anti pusher TP.
  • you can engage in a lost fight in order to get rax or something instead, but remember to always get very good team fight heroes who can fight as 3 or 4 against 5 ( ursa, abaddon, axe, … etc)
  • how to counter it: you will need an anti pusher who can TP fast ( tinker BOT will be very good), and it will depend on the split pushing hero, *each hero can be countered.
  • pros: hard to counter and hard to notice it, since it can be played with multiple heroes and can not play it with the same heroes.
  • cons: your team will fight with a disadvantage missing 1 hero from there lineup, but can be ok if the other 4 heroes are good fighting combo.

These are the pushing strategies that can be played and must pay attention to them in the picking stage.

now these are the ideal pushing strategy, but usually teams have a mix of pusher, anti pushers, nor pusher or anti pusher so here it will depend on the situation you find your self in:

When to push

  • after winning a team fight.
  • if your TP on cd and your team is fighting you can push the lane you are in. unless you are very bad pusher and the team needs you in the fight.
  • if playing against late game heroes you need to keep pushing early and make as much pressure as you can.
  • if you have the aegis.
  • if you have your ulties ready and the enemies ulties/bkb on cd.

When to rosh and when to push

Important facts about roshan

  • can’t get attacked by illusions.
  • magical damage does not affect him.
  • risky to kill him with no vision.
  • risky to kill him with all enemies alive.

so you have won a team fight and you don’t know if you should push or take roshan

  • if you are 90% sure that you can get rax go for it.
  • if you have good illusions or magical damage and bad physical damage go push.
  • if enemies can’t contest roshan when they live, go for the push then you can rosh anytime.
  • if you have very good pusher and very good roshing hero you can go for both at the same time.


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