How to pick a support guide – dota 2 Warding guide

A good support who gives his carry a space to farm and vision so he doesn’t get ganked is something essential in the game, as a support you need to be more helpful to team mates than other roles, so don’t be toxic or flamer.


Very important tip: always save a TP in your inventory and always check the mini map to see if any teammate needs help so you can TP to them, it needs some practice to keep looking at the mini map every couple of seconds but it is very important.


How to pick a support

Picking a support always depends on 2 things, your teammates and your enemies:

If playing with a weak early game carry :

spectre naga_siren  medusa antimage

  • You will need 2 support so it is never a good idea to get a jungler, specially when playing against an aggressive trilane or duo lane.
  • You will have to stay on the lane with the carry early game and never gank since he can die easily if no support with him.
  • Place defensive wards around the lane to prevent any unexpected gank on the carry.

If playing with a good early game carry who can solo for a while and not die easily :

luna ursa tiny phantom_assassin morphling life_stealer  weaver drow_ranger

  • 1 support is enough that way:
    – When playing 1 support take a full support who can play without items, don’t get greedy support (venom, aa, mirana, necrophos, …etc), those guys can play as support but not as solo support because they need items.
  • You can get jungler or roamer and the main support can always gank mid or top and leave his carry solo unless the enemies offlane is very powerful 2 or 3 heroes who can kill your carry if no support stay with him.
  • Remember that leaving your carry is never a good thing unless you go get a kill on the enemies midder or carry.

If playing against a lot of nukers and disablers :

  • Get magic resistance support or one that can defend teammates with his spells like (sd, omni, oracle, abbadon, …etc)

If playing against a lot of squishy heroes :

  • you can get good magical damage support like ( lion, lina, wd, …etc)

remember to always adjust your pick to help your teammates, pick combo and to counter the enemies that is the most important thing when playing a support or even a core.

How to place the wards properly

Placing the wards depends on your strategy of playing and the enemies strategy :

  • If you are playing with aggressive gankers like ( sb, pudge, storm, ember, …etc) you will need aggressive wards in the enemies jungle.
  • If you are playing against these aggressive heroes you will need a lot of defensive wards around the lanes and around the jungle.
  • If you are playing against roshing heroes ( ursa, wk, troll,…etc) remember to always ward roshan and ward their jungle so if they smoke you can notice since they are not on the lanes neither in their jungle.
  • Vision heroes are very good against roshing heroes ( Ancient apparition, venomancer, beast master, techies, …etc).
  • Remember to block enemies camps to prevent them from farming or pulling:
    – If they have jungler you will need to block some of the camp in order to make his life hard, specially if he is pure jungler who can never gank lanes early game.
    Block camps with sentry wards not observers because the observer wards are limited in stock but sentries
    – It is extremely important to block the ancients of the enemies from re spawning if they have good hero who can farm many stacks of them ( luna, tide hunter, sven, ..etc)


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