Dota 2 pudge guide – How to play pudge

Pudge, one of the most joyful Dota 2 heroes, (specially when your land a hard hook), lets see some hook tips and tricks, how to play Pudge.


Pudge hook guide – tips and tricks

You can divide the hook spot to 3 areas:

1- very close to pudge
2- normal distance between pudge and the target
3- The target is very far from pudge but still in the hook range

pudge hook areas

  • Area (1) is not very good for the hook unless it is guaranteed (the target is stunned) because:
    – you can slow the target rot and ulti dismember him instead of hooking.
    -missing the hook here will allow the target to escape since he become outside the rot range.
  • Area (2) is the best area to hook, since the target is not very far so he can dodge it and not very close so you can rot or ulti him.
  • Area (3) is the hardest spot to land a hook, but it is not impossible, some tricks for getting a hook from this area:
    – you need all the vision you can to see the enemies.
    – it is extremely hard to land it if the enemies can see you, so dewarding is important also.
    – Use the best item in the game, which is SMOKE OF DECEIT smoke-of-deceit, which is one of the most useful items for pudge in every stage of the game.

And keep in mind the movement speed for your enemy, if he has boots of travel or he is so fast for some reason you will have to hook away from his current position.

You should calculate the distance he will walk and the speed of the hook, which need practice.

Check out pudge combos.

Always remember to keep practicing, Pudge is one of the heroes that require all the practice you can.


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