Fighting strategy and team fight drafting

Fighting needs very good coordination with teammates so never forget about dota 2 general tips.

Best heroes to fight and to not fight with

Here we will have to differentiate between two types of heroes:

dota 2 aoe heroes

1- Aoe heroes ( team fight lovers ), the heroes who has good aoe spells so they will be very helpful in team fights

since their spells will be used on all enemy heroes.

undying treant tidehunter sand_king queen-of-pain pugna magnus kunkka leshrac  jakiro invoker enigma gyrocopter earthshaker elder_titan disruptor  dark_seer axe ancient_apparition winter_wyvern monkey_king

dota 2 solo pick off heroes

2- Solo pick off heroes ( team fight haters ), heroes that focus their spells only on one hero and hate to be interrupted.

viper windrunner doom juggernaut huskar legion_commander morphling nyx_assassin ogre_magi phantom_assassin pudge shadow_shaman sniper

  • if you have way too better aoe guys then you will love team fights and keep forcing fights whenever you have your spells ready.
  • if you have way too better solo pick off guys then you will need to get the best vision in order to find some fast solo pick offs.
  • usually both teams has a mix of both types, here you will need some extra tips :
    1- vision is so important for team fights in order to have a full understanding of the place of enemy heroes and get a pick off safely.
    2- forcing a fight is dependent on your aoe spells cool down, the enemies aoe spells cool down, the stage of the game( will be discussed later on )


When to fight – what stage of the game

The stage of the game is really important factor to determine how the fights should go

  • if you have way too better late game heroes then never force a fight and try to avoid fighting as much as you can until your carries get full items. ( spectre naga_siren antimage medusa  …etc)
  • if you playing with early mass pusher, early carry lineup you will need to end the game as early as possible, so forcing the fights here is essential because as long as the game goes, as less your chance of winning gets.
  • Never underestimate comebacks from the enemies and keep forcing fights in order to prevent them from farming if you won the early game, specially if they have better late game than yours.
  • check out the pushing tips to know when to push/fight.

How to fight

  • The initiator go first with the disbaler. *make use of dota 2 filters to understand the heroes better.
  • Damage dealer supports should stay behind and wait for the right opportunity to cast their spells.
  • Never use your channeling spell (wd ulti , enigma ulti, cm ulti) at the beginning of the fight unless enemies are stacked together and can not disable you. ( take care of silencer and bkbs in this situation)
  • kill the easier and more annoying one first(the carry, the weak mass dis-abler, or the support) don’t try to focus your damage on the tank.

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