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Ancient Apparition

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ancient apparition small guide

Roles: Nuker, Support, Disabler .

He has strong spells that are semi-spam-able , most people play him as a support though it’s better as semi-support because he needs Aghanim’s scepter Aghanims-Scepter very fast, with it his ultimate Ice Blast ice-blast will dominate enemy heroes and will own them in almost every fight.

best combos: heroes with global ultimate like his (zues, spectre, nature prophet, .. etc) aoe spells like (venom, tide, dark seer …etc)

counters: any Hero with magical resistance ( anti-mage , pudge ,rubick..etc) weaver or terrorblade ultimate counters it, items like :pipe pipe-of-insight bkbblack-king-bar, heroes with high magical damage like lion / lina will own him.

scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: Increases frostbite duration, Duration: 17 second




  • very Strong ultimate vs squishy heroes.
  • Spells with long range and scouting spells.
  • The best counter for healing heroes (alchemist, omni knight, dazzle, void,...etc) .


  • Very fragile and squishy.
  • Harassment on lane to create space is poor.
  • Very Aghanim’s scepter and level dependence.

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