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bane small guide

role: support is the best and most effective role for him, he will be very good as offlane support since he has good early game abilities

best combos:  bane sleep nightmare gives huge advantage for heroes who have a hard spell like ( pudge meat-hook, mirana mirana-sacred-arrow, ...etc)

counters: heroes with a lot of controlled units can counter his sleep nightmare, and with a bash or a stun counters his ulti Fiends-Grip ( beast master, chen, enchatress, ...etc)

scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: Increases damage per second, mana drain and duration. If an enemy tries to attack Bane while he is channeling Fiend's Grip, they will instantly have Bane's current level of Nightmare inflicted upon them. Max Channel Time: 7 sec, Damage per Second: 155/215/270, Max Mana Drain per Second: 10%.



  • almost the best 1 target disabler in dota.
  • very good heal for himself also.
  • very powerful against carries in team fights with his damage reduction Enfeeble.
  • his ulti Fiends-Grip goes throw magic immunity


  • totally useless when silenced .

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