centaur warrunner

best centaur warrunner combos guide dota 2

centaur warrunner

Centaur_warrunner_hoof_stomp  Centaur_warrunner_double_edge  Centaur_warrunner_return  Centaur_warrunner_stampede

centaur talent tree

centaur warrunner small guide

role: always offlane unless you want to play a specific combo, can solo offlane or have a support with him.

best combos: tiny is the ultimate combo with cent for the stun + toss ofcourse, also some aoe disbalers are very good with him since he has aoe stun centaur-warrunner-hoof-stomp and huge cleave damage from his centaur-warrunner-double-edge ( magnus, enigma, dark seer, ...etc)


scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: heroes affected by Stampede take reduced damage, and become able to run through obstructions trees and up cliffs. Ally Incoming Damage Reduction: 60%.


  • very tanky hero and good initiator.
  • global ulti centaur-warrunner-stampede that can save his teammates anywhere in the map.
  • nearly impossible to kill him if he was feed early.


  • not a good damage dealer, only double edge centaur-warrunner-double-edge, else is only a stun and a tank.

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