chaos knight

best chaos knight combos guide dota 2

chaos knight

Chaos_knight_chaos_strike Chaos_knight_chaos_bolt  Chaos_knight_reality_rift Chaos_knight_phantasm


ck talent tree

CK small guide

role: carry, one of the best pushing carry with his illusions, very good carry mid/late game

best combos: mobility and teleportation works pretty good with him, so something like IO can be very good combo, for the bonus attack speed also

counters: can be countered from anti illusion heroes like lion, medusa, …etc

scepter effect Aghanims-ScepterReduces phantasm phantasm cooldown by 20 seconds and allows it to be cast on an allied hero. 1200 cast range.



  • very good damage
  • very good pusher
  • one of the few carries who has good mobility and a stun


  • Stun based on luck
  • Runs out of mana quickly
  • Low intelligence gain
  • AoE spells counters his ultimate

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