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dark seer

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dark seer talent tree

dark seer small guide

very versatile hero that can change the conditions of battle into his favor by using vacuum ion-shell with wall of replica wall-of-replica, he focused on aoe spells , most play him as semi-support though he can play as full support if played right he can destroy the enemy team even early game, he can help teammates with surge.

role: offlane or support, can roam too but with a good combos not alone.

Combo: Pudge / any hero with aoe spells ( Ancient apparition / venomancer / shadowfiend …etc) any hero with cleave like sven or split damage like medusa.

counter: hero that can ruin his mana  ( anti-mage / keeper of the light /outworld devourer) heroes with high attack range like sniper can never be hit by his spells.

scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: Increases the damage dealt by illusions from wall-of-replica.Illusion Damage Dealt: 100%/120%/140%




  • Strong solo offlaner
  • Extremely annoying for melee heroes to lane against.
  • Almost perfect at escaping or tactical disengaging
  • very good against mass physical damage heroes specially with scepter Aghanims-Scepter since he will get 140% of their damage from their illusion when using wall of replica wall-of-replica


  • Doesn’t work very good early against range heroes on lane.
  • It’s hard to play combos with him (needs skill) 

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