drow ranger

best drow ranger combos guide dota 2


drow ranger small guide

  • best combos: all ranged carries are good with her since she gives global damage aura to ranged heroes ( gyrocopter, lina, morphling, ...etc)
  • counters: the point to counter drow is to get close to her, heroes like ( huskar, phantom assassin, brood mother, clockwerk, ..etc ) will get her easily specially with blade mail blade-mail
  • scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: causes her attacks to splinter on the target, hitting nearby units with normal attacks that deal reduced damage " Splinter Search Radius:  375" "Max Splinter Targets:  2 " "Splinter Damage Reduction: 50%"


  • mass damage and damage aura.
  • very good silence .
  • good slow that can get easy kill when gank.


  • not tanky at all.
  • blade mail blade-mail can counter her very hard.
  • when dead the team will lose the global aura precision-aura which make it very hard to win a fight if she die first.

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