best chaos knight combos guide dota 2

IoIo_tether Io_spirits Io_overcharge Io_relocate

io talent tree bane small guiderole: almost the best support hero in dota, safe lane support or even mid support can be good for him since he can use his io-tether to restore hp and mana for teammates in lanebest combos: he is very good with mid game carries who has disables so they can gank together with his io-relocate and get some easy kills ( ck, pa, sven, …etc )counters: very easy to kill if enemies can get to him, huge magical damage like lina, lion can annoy him very much.scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: io has no scepter upgrade yet.


  • very good support with his io-tether specially with hp and mana regen items
  • gives his carry huge killing potential with movement an attack speed


  • very low hp gets him killed easil.
  • totally useless when silenced.

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