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kunkka_torrent  kunkka_tidebringer  kunkka_x_marks_the_spot  kunkka_ghostship

kunkka talent tree

kunkka small guide

role: kunkka is one of the few heroes who can play any role, he can mid/carry/support/roam/offlane, he is a very good nuker and can go for physical damage build also which gives him a lot of room to play in many roles.

best combos: since he has torrent kunkka-torrent and ghostship kunkka-ghostship, he will be very good with aoe disables to land his spells easier (magnus, enigma, dark seer, tide)

counters: magic immunity is his ultimate counter, disbale his x mark the spot kunkka-x-mark-the-spot and all of his magical damage (life stealer, omni knight, juggernut and of course black king bar black-king-bar )

scepter effect Aghanims-ScepterDrags enemies with the Ghostship kunkka-ghostship towards the crash site, enemies are still able to perform actions while being dragged. Drag Radius: 200, Travel Time: 1.55


  • very good aoe damage and disable
  • very useful unique ability that can be very good when chasing  kunkka-x-mark-the-spot
  • can go many roles (support, carry,...etc)



  • a bit hard to land the x mark kunkka-x-mark-the-spot with the torrent kunkka-torrent
  • very hard to land the ghostship kunkka-ghostship 
  • useless against bkb black-king-bar or silence when played as support/nuker

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