best lina combos guide dota 2


lina small guide

  • role: mid as a core or support, she can be very good as a carry with the suitable items and good combo.
  • best combos: she has a good attack speed late when her fiery soul Fiery-Soul is maxed so some damage aura will be very good with her (drow ranger, luna, vengful spirit, ...etc)
  • counters: black king bar black-king-bar, pipe of insight pipe-of-insight, are good items against lina, also heroes with magic immunity and high magic risestance like (omni knight, juggernut, life stealer, anti mage)
  • scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: change her ultimate (Laguna-Blade Laguna-Blade) from magical damage to pure damage. and makes it goes throw magic immunity.


  • very good magical damage.
  • over power attack speed late game.


  • not very much tanky.
  • needs a lot of items to be useful as a core.
  • easy target since she is not tanky and not escaper.

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