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mirana small guide

she has an OP 5 sec stun if done right , she has the power to chase and surprise her enemies,she doesn’t need that many items to be effective, one of the best ganking heroes in dota especially with here ultimate that works better than smoke and can create a huge advantage against the enemy if played right.

Roles: Support, Carry, Nuker, Disabler, Escape.

best combos: any hero that can stop the enemy in their tracks to make the perfect target for the arrow to hit( Bane / shadow demon / clock / batrider … etc)

counters :heroes that prevent mirana from leaping ( slark / meepo / puck….etc) +heroes who can remove stun from friendly units (abaddon) or heroes that can remove the stun or grant magic immunity ( slark / omni …etc) items like BKB black-king-bar




  • Very long range arrow stun.
  • More than one escape mechanism.


  • Requires skill with good arrow aim mirana-sacred-arrow.
  • Doesn’t have one role that the team can depend on.

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