phantom assassin

best phantom assassin combos guide dota 2

phantom assassin

Phantom-assassin-stifling-dagger Phantom-assassin-phantom-strike Phantom-assassin-coup-de-grace Phantom-assassin-stifling-dagger

pa talent tree

phantom assassin small guide

role: carry, one of the best carries in the mid game, very good damage dealer, and one of few carries who has good mobility usingphantom-strike

best combos:   good slow stifling-dagger makes her very good with some guys like AA who needs a slow to land his spell better, also all the damage aura heroes are very good with her ( magnus, beast master, veng )

counters: guys with good armor ( sven, bristleback, timber) and guys with good magical damage can be painfull to her specially early game and pure damage late game (lina, lion, skywraith. ,,,etc) and of course items like mkb monkey_king_bar makes her blur 100% useless

scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: phantom assassin has no scepter upgrade yet.



  • very good damage dealer
  • almost the best mid game carry


  • die very easy against mkb monkey_king_bar
  • very much items dependent so it turns 100% useless when having bad farm.


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