best slardar combos guide dota 2


slardar_sprint  slardar_slithereen_crush  slardar_bash  slardar_amplify_damage


slardar small guide

role: offlane is good for him even as solo since he has good speed to escape using his sprintslardar-sprint, can go as safe lane carry but he cant carry a game alone unless he have a good combo or something 

best combos: with his aoe stun, every hero that get him close to the enemy will be ery good with him (tusk, tiny, ...etc)

counters: heroes who can purge his ulti slardar-amplify-damage or prevent him of casting his passive slardar-bash ( oracle, abaddon, phantom lancer).

scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: slardar has no scepter upgrade yet.


  • he is very good against all invisible heroes ( rikim bh, clinkz, ..etc) since he can have vision on them using slardar-amplify-damage.
  • good tank and fast movement speed which makes him a good fight initiator and escaper.
  • his armor reduction can be very useful with a good combo 


  • not the best damage dealer when play as carry
  • silencing him can disable him from being annoying for a while

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