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Tiny_avalanche  Tiny_toss  Tiny_craggy_exterior  Tiny_grow

tiny talent tree

tiny small guide

role: carry or mid , can go offlane but needs a combo support with him.

best combos: since he has very good attack damage he will be amazing playing with troll for the global attack speed, magnus will be very good also for the empower and the RP magnus-reverse-polarity since tiny will get cleave damage from the empower and from scepter, all aoe disables will work very good with him also.

counters: heroes how can make his attack even slower will annoy him very much like(viper, enchatress, ...etc) and ofcourse some of the mana drain guys and the build in bkb black-king-bar ( lion, kotl, juggernut, niax)

scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: gives tiny a tree in his right hand, increasing his attack range, damage on buildings, and gives a cleave attack. Improves Tossed unit damage. Tossed Unit Bonus Damage:  50/65/80%, Attack Range Bonus: 85, Cleave Radius: 400, Cleave Damage: 50%, Building Attack Damage Bonus: 75%


  • huge amount of damage from early to late game.
  • very good magical damage and disable also.
  • ability to farm neutrals stacks easy when max his tiny-avalanche and tiny-toss, also with attacks later when he get scepter Aghanims-Scepter.


  • 0 armor level 1 which makes him a little bit easy to kill early, or at least lose the lane.
  • very slow attack speed.
  • low mana while his spells need a lot of it.

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