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tusk small guide

role:  can be played as a carry with tusk-walrus-punch and disabler tusk-snowball normally, but he can be a support/roamer. he has to work as a small pusher also.

best combos: he is very good with heroes who needs to get close to the enemies like (centaur warrunner, slardar)

counters: blink makes his snowball ineffective ( qop, anti mage), and mana burn since he has low mana although he needs it very much (lion, anti mage, kotl), and guys who can bait him like techies, distrupter is good also with his glimpse. 


scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: grants the walrus kick ability walrus-kick: Kicks the target unit back 1400 units, damaging them and slowing their movement by 40% for 4 seconds. Cast Animation: 0.2+1.3, Cast Range: 150, Damage: 350, Stun Duration: 1second.




  • Great Initiator with snowball tusk-snowball.
  • Powerful abilities( control the flow of fights), especially the Ultimate tusk-walrus-punch.
  • High Movement Speed even without Boots 
  • has a good amount of slow frozen-sigil and disables tusk-snowball.



  • Quite weak without Desolator desolater, Shadow Blade shadow-blade.
  • He has low health, even though he is a STR hero.
  • cant stop snowball tusk-snowball, which makes more able to get baited.

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