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venomancer small guide

role: venomancer is a powerful damage per second (DPS) dealer that can support , offlane or even mid, he is a very good lane support and a ganker, and he can offlane just fine using his plague-ward, and mid depending on the enemies mid hero.

best combo: venom has an op poison and slow, so his best combos should make use of his dps or of his slow (aa, pudge, viper,...etc)

counters: to counter him you need magic resistance ( anti mage, rubbick) and some guys like terror or shadow demon who can make use of venomancers poison-sting on their illusions, and items like pipe pipe-of-insight is a disaster for him.

scepter effect Aghanims-Scepter: Increases ulti poison-nova damage and decreases cool down. Damage per Second: 60/85/110, Cool down: 140/120/60.




  • huge amount of DPS that can be really annoying to some heroes.


  • low mobility and not tanky at all
  • low damage and not very effective when silenced, specially if poison-sting is not maxed.
  • can't do much alone

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